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A DIY-EFI CORE4 Module for you to use in a daughterboard or custom install


The CORE4 is a DIY-EFI designed Speeduino compatible ECU module.
It’s tiny, coming in at 74mm x 50mm, smaller than a credit card.
It is intended to be used in conjunction with a daughter-board, connection to the module is via 2.54mm pin strip.
This allows the ECU to take the form of a PnP, custom wire in or even just a breakout.
There will be a range of official DIY-EFI daughter-boards launching soon after the module.

It has been designed to be Speeduino compatible and will come with the latest Speeduino firmware on.
Please ensure you make sure the board type is set to”DIY-EFI CORE4 v1.0″ within Tunerstudio when loading any maps.
The CORE4 is likened to a Speeduino board and the Arduino as one, the processor is on board among the supporting circuitry.

The CORE4 is named that as it has
4 Injector channels & 4 Ignition channels.
The full I/O range is as follows…

On-board USB


  • 4 ignition channels (Low/Logic level)
  • 4 injector channels
  • 8 Low side outputs
    • Idle
    • Idle 2
    • Boost
    • VVT
    • Fuel pump
    • Fan
    • Tachometer
    • Spare Low side
  • 4 logic level Digital outputs (5v)
  • Stepper Idle Control pins
  • 5v Sensor supply


  • Throttle position sensor (TPS)
  • Coolant temperature sensor (CLT)
  • Air temperature sensor (IAT)
  • Optional rear mounted MAP sensor for barometric compensation
  • O2 sensor (narrowband or wideband)
  • Launch control (Clutch switch)
  • Knock (Due in future firmware update)
  • Flex fuel
  • 2 spare inputs
  • Hall Effect Crank/Cam (VR with optional daughter-board and module)

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Add Baro Sensor +£15

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