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A fully assembled and tested 4 channel Speeduino board



This is a fully assembled Speeduino v0.4.4b board for the Arduino Mega

This is a ready to go board, you will need an Arduino Mega2560, which I can supply if needed.

You may also need a VR condition as well depending on your engine which I can supply fully assembled if needed.

This is the latest v0.4.4b design on a Black PCB.

Professionally assembled using all genuine parts.
Each board has a quick test with an engine simulator to make sure it responds as it should.

No case is included as most people re-use their original ECU case.

Speeduino is a standalone open source ECU aimed at people who are looking for an extremely cost effective way to manage their engine.

It uses TunerStudio software for mapping and configuration  up the ecu.
The v0.4.3 board is aimed for people who want to make a more plug and play solution using existing plugs and connectors.
Please keep in mind this is an open source project and will require some DIY skills, there is a growing online community which is a great resource.

The v0.4.3 boards includes the following features:

4 injector channels
4 Ignition outputs
Fully protected input channels for CLT, IAT, TPS and O2
Optional VR conditioner mount on crank and cam inputs
MAP sensor mount location
4 medium current spare outputs (Eg Fuel pump, thermo fan etc)
A single 40-pin IDC connector includes all pins required for the board with the exception of the 12v input

Check out for more information

Additional information

Add Mega +£12

No, Yes

Add VR Conditioner + £18

No, Yes


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