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A Bare DIY-EFI TinyWB module

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The DIY-EFI TinyWb is a standalone LSU 4.9 wideband controller.
Designed to interface a LSU 4.9 sensor to your ECU, datalogger or similar.

This is the bare module form, so you can solder wire or pin headers to the module.
It measures in at 17x21mm, it’s probably one of the smallest in the world!
It features both a 0-5v (10-20AFR) linear output and a custom serial output protocol.

The board has no onboard voltage regulator to keep it compact, so it needs an external 5 volt supply to function.
This can be taken either from your ECU or an optional daughterboard depending on your application.

Wiring diagrams and technical information: HERE

Based on the SLC-Free.

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