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TinyWB Wideband Controller

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The DIY-EFI TinyWB is a standalone wideband controller, designed to allow for a LSU 4.9 wideband lambda sensor to interface to an ECU or data logger with an analogue input.
The controller outputs a 0-5 volt signal which represents 10-20AFR.

The controller was designed to be plugged into another PCB.
This means that as well as a fused 12 volt supply for the sensor heater, a stable 5 volt source is needed for the controller itself.

To use it standalone, you will need to use a female 6 pin LSU 4.9 connector.
Do NOT cut the connector end from the sensor, it contains an important calibration resistor.
The H+ 12V pin on the module only powers the debug led, the connection to the module can be omitted if desired, running the 12v supply to just the sensor connector.



Data Rate: 115200 baud
Length: 8 bytes
Data Format :
byte0 = AFR*10 (so 148 = 14.8 AFR)
byte1 = Temp in C of the sensor
byte2-7 = not used

The TinyWB is based on the SLCFree by 14point7