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The DIY-EFI developed ECU simulator board

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This is the DIY-EFI SpeedySim.
A product to allow you to test the inputs and outputs of your ECU.
It was developed to with the Speeduino ECU project in mind, so has a 40 pin connector which will allow direct plug and play with the 0.4 series.
For all other Speeduino designs (and many other standalone ECUs) you can use the 3 headers via the supplied cables or dupont jumpers to connect to your inputs and outputs.

SpeedySim has an onboard Arduino compatible Nano which runs Ardu-Stim software to allow the creation of Crank and Cam patterns.
The default pattern is 36-1 Crank only and  this is variable using the TPS/RPM potentiometer.

There are 6 potentiometers in total for input simulation.

  • TPS (Also varies RPM)
  • IAT
  • CLT
  • O2 (0-5v)
  • Spare1
  • Spare2

There are 12 LEDs on board for output testing.
4 for injector channels, 4 for ignition channels and 4 for low side driver channels.

Note: The unit will come fully assembled with the exception of the 40 pin header,  so the size is smaller id not using with a 0.4 Speeduino board.
This will be included in the package and soldering to the board will be down to the user.


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