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The UA4C (Sea Fox) ECU in a form that you can install in your own enclosure.

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The UA4C gets it’s name “Under Arduino 4 Channel”, as the Arduino Mega sits on top of the Speeduino PCB.
This combined with an all surface mount part design give all the functionality and more of the 0.4 Speeduino in a much slimmer package.

This item consists of: UA4C Speeduino PCB, 4 Bar MAP sensor, Barometic MAP sensor, pin header, 2 socket, 2 plugs and 46 crimps.
It is as seen in the pictures (pressure sensors now attached), 95% assembled and is sold like this so you can incorporate it into your own enclosure.

This is the new version of the UA4C vB3 Sea Fox, improvements over vA1 Sea Wolf include
Changes include:

  • Rearranging the serial headers for better fitment in the slim case
  • Upgrading the low current outputs, they now support larger loads and are self-protecting
  • Changed tachometer circuit to allow 5V, 12V, and high voltage tachometers
  • Added indicator LED for 5V power, and improved labeling


  • 4 ignition channels (Low/Logic level)
  • 4 injector channels
  • 4 high current outputs
    • Idle
    • Idle 2
    • Boost
    • VVT
  • 8 low current outputs
    • Fuel pump
    • Tachometer
    • Fan
    • Fan 2
    • Aux 1-4
  • Stepper Idle Control with optional module
  • 5v Sensor supply


  • Throttle position sensor (TPS)
  • Coolant temperature sensor (CLT)
  • Air temperature sensor (IAT)
  • 4 BAR Manifold pressure sensor (MAP)
  • 2nd Internal MAP sensor for barometric compensation as standard
  • O2 sensor (narrowband or wideband)
  • Launch control (Clutch switch)
  • Knock (Due in future firmware update)
  • Flex fuel
  • 2 spare inputs
  • Hall Effect Crank/Cam (VR with optional internal module)

Additional information

Add VR Conditioner + £18

No, Yes

Add Mega +£12

No, Yes


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