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A complete bundle to convert your MX5 to aftermarket management

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This is a bundle with everything you need to convert you MX5 to Speeduino aftermarket management.

  • Professionally assembled V1.1 Speeduino MX5 ECU
  • MAF delete harness (1 meter)
  • Bosch style IAT sensor (M12*1.5 Thread)
  • Plug, terminals, seals and boot for the IAT
  • 3D Printed Kia TPS Bracket (PET-G)
  • New OEM Kia TPS
  • 2.5m of vacuum hose
  • USB Cable

You can also extend your kit with a boost solenoid and/or a Spartan2 Wideband kit at a discounted price.


More details on the ECU:
Runs both 1.6 and 1.8 engine which use the 2 plug (48 pin) loom.
Full metal enclose with 6mm vacuum barb to internal 2.5 Bar MAP sensor.
Will be shipped with the latest firmware and base map.
Tuned with Tunerstudio.

Some hardware changes are required in the car for optimal running.
For installation details see:

Speeduino is an open source project, I do not own Speeduino, I am just an official reseller.
Speeduino is a project as well as a product, it is still in continuous development.
So there are still features and improvements being added monthly.
If you are looking for a polished product with strong dedicated support you may wish to consider other options.


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