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A Plug and Play ECU for Peugeot 106 and Citroen Saxo engines fitted with a 55 Pin loom.

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A PnP ECU for Peugeot 106 and Citroen Saxo engines fitted with the 55 pin Magnertti Marelli 1AP ECU..
This ECU comes fully cased and replacxes your factory unit completly.

It is based around the DIY-EFI CORE4 module and runs the Speeduino firmware.
The ECU uses all of the factory sensors including the MAP sensor, it is possible to have an optional internal sensor fitted if you are running a boosted setup.
The ECU runs the factory “dumb” coil packs with inbuilt ignition drivers.
The ECU has a stepper driver fitted so it can run the factory idle control valve, however the basemap does not use this.
Instead it uses variable ignition timing to mainrtain a target idle, this is done to aid an easy first start.

There is an option to have internal wideband control included, this is done using the DIY-EFI TinyWB module.
You can choose to have just the controller, the controller and a harness, or the controller, the harness and a LSU 4.9 sensor.

There is a 8 pin aux connector installed which allows extras such as

      • Flex Fuel sensor input
      • External O2 controller input
      • Fan output
      • Clutch (Launch control) input
      • Boost control output

A short (30cm) pigtail loom for this connector can also be added to your order.


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