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A smaller 2 channel Speeduino design ideal for a 4 cylinder engine

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This is for a NO2C v0.2.2 component kit.
Included are all components, PCB and the plugs to terminate your harness.

NO2C is the smallest, fully functional, single board, Arduino MEGA shield made for Speeduino.
It is a slimmed down Speeduino design with 2 injector and 2 ignition channels.
Eah channel is capable of driving multiple injectors, so this is ideal for a 4 cylinder engine.

The board is no bigger than the MEGA itself, hence the name “No Overhang 2 Channel”.
Originally intended for, but not limited to applications where space is limited.
These may include ATVs, motorcycles, karts, lawnmowers, and other power equipment.

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Add Mega +£12

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Add VR Conditioner + £18

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