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Easily add Bluetooth to your CORE4 ECU

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This module allows you to add Bluetooth connectivity to your CORE4 ECU.

Which allows you to connect your phone, tablet, laptop or PC to the ECU without wires.
You can use tunerstudio if using a laptop or PC.
If you use an Android phone or tablet there are several apps you can use to monitor, tune and log.
Such as: Realdash, Shadow Dash MS and MSDroid.

The module is pre-programmed and the pin will be included.
It just plugs into the 4 pin “Bluetooth Module” socket which are on the majority of our CORE4 ECU range.
If you don’t have this socket please contact us prior to purchase.

This module will work with other Speeduino designs, you would just have to cut off the 4 pin plug and connect to the serial header of your ECU.

You do not have to unplug the module to use the USB port for tuning, however only one device can have an open connection at any one time.


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