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A Plug and Play ECU for BMW M52TU & M54 engines

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A PnP ECU for the BMW M52TU and M54 engines.
This PCB will replace the original board in ms42/ms43 ecu case.
Just open the 4 bolts in the ecu case, remove original board and replace with this.
You will need to drill/grind some openings for the new extra connectors and vacuum hose.

It is based around the DIY-EFI CORE4 module and runs the Speeduino firmware, credits for the design go to Pazi, details here.
The ECU provides fully sequential 6 cylinder injector control.
There is an internal CAN-bus co-processor to control the factory cluster in bmw e46/e38/e39 chassis.
The onboard MAP sensor allows for up to 3 Bar of boost.

There is an option to have internal wideband control included, this is done using our TinyWB module.
You can choose to have just the controller, the controller and a harness, or the controller, the harness and a LSU 4.9 sensor.

There is a 14 pin aux connector installed which allows extras such as

      • Flex Fuel sensor input
      • External O2 controller input
      • Fan output
      • Clutch (Launch control) input
      • CAN-Bus interface pins
      • Boost control output

A short (30cm) pigtail loom for this connector can also be added to your order.

NOTE! DBW is not supported, on a M54 engine (ms43), you need to change to cable driven throttle body in order to use this PnP.
M52TU (ms42) has a cable driven throttle as backup, so no change is needed for this engine.
See Replacing original DBW throttle body for more details

3 reviews for DIY-EFI CORE4 BMW M52TU/M54 PnP ECU – Speeduino Powered

  1. Nemanja (verified owner)

    Works perfect , good quality good support!

  2. Nicole aka Nix.

    Great little ECU, used it in my turbo M52TU swapped MX5. East to use, setup and tune and pretty good documentation.

    Just watch out for the MAP sensor its a surface mount sensor on the board so can easily ripped off of the board when removing the vacuum hose! (I replaced it with an external GM 3 Bar sensor instead)

  3. Yaya And Cars

    The Ecu is amazing, my E46 turbo run like a charme, no issues at alll

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