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A modern OEM 4 cylinder waster spark coil pack with inbuilt coil drivers

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An OEM style 4 cylinder wasted-spark ignition coil with built in 2 channel ignition amplifier (ignitor or driver).
This allows direct connection to aftermarket ECUs which have logic level spark outputs, such as Speeduino.
The unit also has inbuilt protections systems to handle inverted ignition signals and the power being left on.
The HT terminals are the “M4” style, such as those used on the Ford Zetec engines.

A mating 4 pin plug with short pigtail wires is included.
The 4 pin plug should be wired as follows:
Pin 1 – trigger 1 (cylinders 1&4) from ECU
Pin 2 – 12v ignition power
Pin 3 – trigger 2 (cylinders 2&3) from ECU
Pin 4 – ground

The coil pack mounting requires that the unit is earthed, ideally bolted to the engine block or body earth at least. With this coil pack there are 3 mounting holes, they should be earthed by using bolts that screw directly into a plate or mounting that is earthed.


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